About Us

Our Story...

Axent Clothing is a causal clothing company and sister company to Axent Design, a California based interior design company started by my wife and her business partner in 2017.  The concepts and designs for our clothing are influenced by Axent Design's style, modern taste and creative use of color and unique accessories.

Our first collection takes these influences and inspirations from the California Lifestyle to bring the Axent brand to life!  

Inspiration comes from everywhere and we plan to bring it to you with each new product release.  

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Why is our slogan Axent Your Life?

Our slogan is about being the best you and living life to the fullest.  Accent is an action word, meaning to accentuate, emphasize and highlight.

Axent Your Life is meant to motivate us to make the most out of life!  Emphasize it, accentuate it, make it special and live life to the fullest.  Enjoy what your're doing and what your're wearing!  We only have one chance at this, so Axent Your Life everyday!


Why Axent?

The name Axent Design came about for two reasons.  Whether it was an event, a room or a centerpiece, my wife's creativity and use of accent colors, lighting and design made everything pop!  Finishing off every design with the right touches and accents became her specialty.  Secondly, my wife and her business partner are from Central Europe and have slight accents.  These two elements came together to create the name Axent, with an X for a modern touch!

Axent Clothing, inspired from Axent Design, is expanding the Axent brand through a new channel while supporting our favorite charitable organizations. Future collections will continue to feature aspects of modern design, California living and much more!